Neverland Fulfillment Services is one of the world’s leading E-Commerce & Fulfillment solutions for LGBTQ celebrities, entertainers, and influencers. We specialize in helping queer public figures design, manufacture, and fulfill merchandise and product lines that embody their brand or likeness. We can design and manage websites and apps for our clients, or plug into their existing site in order to add a web store. From there, we help clients build a portfolio of products that appeal to their fans. When orders come in, our team fulfills within 1-2 business days from warehouses in Chicago and outside London. We have the quickest shipping time in the industry, the best customer service, and the best client service. Contact for more information, and to learn why so many of the world’s most recognized LGBTQ public figures use Neverland Fulfillment Services for all their merchandise & e-commerce needs.

Our services include:

  • Design, manage, and maintain a website, web store, or Apple/Android e-commerce app.

  • Design merchandise and products.

  • Sell the merchandise of our clients on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Elite Queens, and Elite Queens: Europe.

  • Manufacture merchandise (factories in Chicago, China, and South America).

  • Sophisticated marketing/advertising on behalf of our clients.

  • Warehouse products in 3 continents.

  • Fulfill e-commerce orders for clients within a 1-2 business day timeframe, anywhere in the world via USPS, DHL, and Royal Mail.

In addition to fulfillment services, Neverland owns the e-commerce marketplace Elite Queens ( and the "Elite Queens" Apple & Android app), and Method Printing, an apparel printing, embroidery, and manufacturing company located in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Download the Elite Queens App:




Tees, jackets, sweaters, kimonos, shorts, bags, etc.



Enamel pins are one of the industry's top selling items and  provide fans the opportunity to show their love and support for multiple queens at the same time. 

Our influencers work with Tiger Lily, our Brand Strategist, to create designs that are both on-brand and marketable. Once a final design has been agreed upon, Tiger works with our vendors to render, mold, produce, and ship the finished product to our fulfillment centers. 

- The average pin will run around 1.5-2 inches in size. 



There is no right or wrong way to make a print. A majority of the prints offered on Elite Queens come with the following specs.

- Dimensions: 8"x10" (horizontal or vertical)

- Printed on heavy cardstick

- Glossy finish

- Signed/Unsigned (varies per print)


...and yes, the queen sits and signs each and every print.



Elite Queens teamed up with Chad Sell and turned 13 of the 14 contestants from Season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race, plus Season 9 fan favorite, Shea Couleé, into keychains.



Headshots, lookbooks, magazines, posters, banners, etc.


Interested in learning more about Neverland Fulfillment Services?  If you are a queer entertainer, television personality, social media influencer or public figure, please email for consideration.