NEVERLAND Debut: Chicago’s New Costume Party

NEVERLAND is a brand new costume party and 3D laser show that kicks off on July 28th at Hydrate Nightclub. However much you choose to dress up, NEVERLAND is not just about your's about letting loose, having fun, and never growing up!

And it's not just about the costumes...we're bringing:
- THOUSANDS of dollars in lasers and special effects that will transform Hydrate Nightclub.
- 3D GLASSES giveaway to everyone who attends. Watch our laser show in 3D fireworks glasses... you'll be blown away by the lights.
- HOT dancers with custom-designed outfits and wild props unlike anything you're used to on the Halsted nightlife scene.
- SICK tribal/circuit house music by DJ Phil DaBeatz.
- INTENSE production that will leave you wanting more.


Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Hydrate Nightclub Chicago

Music by: DJ phil dabeatz

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NEVERLAND: The Costume Party Returns

The costume party and 3D laser show returns on Saturday, Sept. 1st, Labor Day Weekend, with DJ JALIL Z and host Debbie Fox. NEVERLAND showed up with a bang on July 28th, with one of Hydrate Nightclub's most successful nights of the year. On Sept. 1st, the costume party takes over Hydrate with bigger production, new lights, and bolder special effects.

3D Fireworks glasses giveaway
CUSTOM-designed costumes for our Neverland dancers
NEW high-powered lasers, among the best you'll find in the Chicago nightclub scene
PHOTO BOOTH from midnight to 4AM. Get your picture taken with your friends
LIVE drums by Bongo Mike, so you can get your tribal beat on

No theme. Neverland is a club kids revival party, so any costume is acceptable. Don't miss Boystown's biggest production.


Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Hydrate nightclub chicago

Music by: dj jalil z

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NEVERLAND presents: Halloween Carnage

Save your costumes. Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, and NEVERLAND returns on Saturday night with HALLOWEEN CARNAGE.

The costume party and 3D light show is getting kicked up a notch for Halloween. Bolder lights, fiercer costumes, and some intense special effects await. Low-lying fog, the best new blue laser on the market, and the sounds of Miami DJ Oren Nizri will transform Hydrate Nightclub.

Hosted by Debbie Fox
Presented by Anthony DiFiore, Damian Martin, and DJ Phil DaBeatz
Performances by Naysha Lopez and the NVRLND dancers Chase, Leo, and Koby
Lights by Joe Gillan


Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

hydrate nightclub chicago

Music by: DJ oren nizri

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NEVERLAND presents: The Purity Ball White Party

Among devout Christians, the Purity Ball is a gathering of young people who sign a vow of chastity. NVRLND is about to do its take on this evangelical classic. On SATURDAY, DEC. 22ND, we regain our virginity for the new year. This will be the fiercest White Party to hit Chicago. NVRLND's heavy arsenal of lights and lasers...the return of the photo booth...white confetti...a commercial scent machine...bad-ass costumes...CO2...3D carnage...we're putting on a f**king show.

DJ JALIL Z (Miami, FL) returns after his highly successful NVRLND Labor Day party
Live Drums by Mo Kabre
Lighting by Joe Gillan
Production/Costumes by Eddie Couture, Damian Martin, Raul Redaggio, and CHOKE by Shawn Satterfield


saturday, december 22nd, 2012

hydrate nightclub chicago

Music by: dj jalil-z

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Produced by Anthony DiFiore and Martin Luna