NEVERLAND presents: The Jungle Book

On Saturday, April 1st, Neverland returns with its first party of the new year and what will be the largest gay dance party of spring. Set in a colorful jungle with decor and costumes inspired by the animals and settings of the famous book & films, THE JUNGLE BOOK will usher in the end of winter with music by world-wide headliner ISAAC ESCALANTE.

We're joined by special guests and veterans of the San Francisco nightlife community, Locoya Hill of Locoya Hill Entertainment and Mercedez Munro.
Hosted by Eva Young and Nico.

Lights by Joe Gillan
Set Design by Timmie Foley and Derrick Joseph Taylor.


Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Fantasy Night club Chicago

Music by: Isaac Escalante





NEVERLAND presents: Game Day

Neverland presents "GAME DAY", a sports-themed dance party at the concert hall Metro on Pride Saturday, June 24th, with a headlining set by the world-renowned DJ PAULO. Joining him will be DJ Alex Cabot, a rising star in Chicago's nightlife scene who last spun for Neverland at our Market Days "Harem" party.

Get ready for a dynamic new stage installation paired with dark, sexy music and production. Hosted by Imp queen and Nico.


Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Metro Chicago

Music by: DJ Paulo

Opening Set by: DJ Alex Cabot




NEVERLAND presents: Gods of the Nile

Neverland's biggest dance party of the year returns on Market Days Friday to the 1,200-person concert hall Metro Chicago with Isaac Escalante spinning a marathon set from open to close. This year is "GODS OF THE NILE", a theme centered around ancient Egyptian mythology.

Lighting by Joe Gillan
Set Design by Timmie Foley


Friday, August 11th, 2017

Metro Chicago

Music by: Isaac Esalante


Viral Video: Anubis BTS



NEVERLAND presents: Saturday Morning Cartoons

Last year Neverland Halloween celebrated "The 80's". This year we're celebrating a different kind of nostalgia: the Saturday morning cartoons you know and love. From Looney Tunes to Ghostbusters, Scooby Doo to Thundercats, Pokemon to Spongebob, our Halloween party this year on Saturday Oct. 28th is all about the shows and characters that fueled our childhood weekends glued in front of a TV.

Lighting by Joe Gillan. Set design by Tim Foley. 


Saturday, October 28th, 2017

Fantasy Night Club Chicago

Music by: DJ Serving Ovahness

Opening Set by: DJ Alex Cabot




NEVERLAND presents: The 6th Annual Purity Ball White Party

The 6th annual Purity Ball White Party has been Neverland's signature event since 2012. For the first time ever we're doing it at Metro Chicago with world-famous DJ Abel, joined by our Chicago resident DJ Alex Cabot. This year is our biggest Purity Ball production ever, and will have a Narnia/Pan's Labyrinth twist to it. Join 1,000 people from all over the country for Chicago's greatest dance party of the holidays.

Hosted by Eva Young, Imp Queen, Nico, and Tenderoni
Lights by Joe Gillan
Set Design by Timmie Foley


Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Metro Chicago

Music by: ABEL

Opening Set by: DJ Alex Cabot





Produced by Anthony DiFiore and Martin Luna